Protect Your Hair from Halloween Horrors!

Boca hair salon - Protect Your Hair from Halloween Horrors!

Protect Your Hair from Halloween Horrors!

If you visit our Boca hair salon around Halloween, you’ll know that we have some big fans of the holiday around here. The same holds true for our Jupiter hair salon! What’s not to love?! We all get to dress up and let our inner divas out to play. And there’s candy, too! 

When the parties and trick-or-treating are over, all you should have left are some wonderful memories, some great photos (and maybe a few questionable ones!) and a rapidly dwindling bowl of candy corn. Getting decked out in whatever costume has captured your imagination this year shouldn’t leave you with frazzled hair.   

Every hair salon in Boca Raton wants you to look good when you walk out the door. At Wild Orchid Hair Salon in Boca and in Jupiter, we want to help you look great all the time – including the day after Halloween. 

How to Avoid a Hair-Raising Halloween 

Mitch Stone, the Academy Award-winning hairstylist for Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, gave some expert advice to the folks at Stylecaster, who report that, “After a night out trick-or-treating, any quantity of paint, adhesive, glitter, and gummy worms can be easily removed by following a few simple tricks.”

According to Stylecaster, “Stone recommends gently massaging a sulfate-free shampoo into the hair, rinsing, and then using a soft boar bristle brush to help with detangling. Follow that with a quality conditioner (about three times what you ordinarily would). ‘Massage starting at the ends and up to the scalp,’ he said. ‘Grab a large tooth comb and delicately comb out until all the devil icky stuff looks like it’s clearly gone.’”

If your costume includes a wig, Stylecaster has some advice for you, too: “Dry shampoo protects hair from oil that can be produced from wearing a wig, and can also be used to rebuild the shape and style after any kinks have been created.”

If Halloween gets the better of you and you need a little help restoring the shine and bounce to your hair, you can always call your friends at our salon in Boca Raton or our recently opened Jupiter salon

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