keratin Smoothing Treatment

keratin Smoothing Treatment

Can I color my hair after a keratin treatment?

We recommend having your hair colored approximately two weeks before receiving a keratin treatment or wait two weeks after the treatment. The hair color specialists at our Boca Raton FL hair salon can help you choose the perfect hair color.


How long do I wait to shampoo my hair after receiving a keratin treatment?

We recommend waiting to allow the keratin to have enough time to be sealed into the hair cuticle. Your hair can be washed normally the next day. For best results, we suggest using Global Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner to prolong the life of your treatment.


Should I have a haircut before or after a keratin treatment?

We suggest that you schedule a haircut after your keratin treatment instead of before. Your hair will have a smoother texture after your treatment and will lie differently.


What’s the difference between a chemical straightener and a keratin treatment?

The Global Keratin hair treatment is a keratin based hair treatment that smooths the hair. The treatment does not alter your hair structure, and will help recondition the hair and restore shine. Other chemical straighteners work by breaking and rearranging the internal bonds of the hair.

DO’S During the First 2 Days

Wear your hair down at all times.
Blow dry and flat iron your hair straight if it gets wet.
Straighten kinks away


DON’TS During the First 2 Days

Do not wash or wet your hair.
Do not tie your hair into a ponytail or use hair bands.
Do not use hair clips or place your hair behind ears.
Do not use any styling products
Avoid activities that may cause sweating.

This wonderful keratin treatment offered at our Boca Raton hair salon creates smooth, frizz-free, beautiful hair. At Wild Orchid, our highly trained stylists are always striving to offer the latest and best techniques to our guests. Make an appointment today!