Hair Color Correction Boca Raton FL

If you are suffering the consequences of hair color mishap - don't worry. The stylists at our Boca Raton hair salon are color correction experts, and can repair the damage, remove or fix the color. We’ll help transform your hair back to its original color, and shine and leaving you with a renewed confidence in your look.
Many factors can contribute to why a hair color service went wrong. The result can be determined by a number of things - the original color, the condition of your hair, and the color you are adding. The chemicals in the hair color as well as the experience level of the person applying the color are also important factors. If you've tried to dye your hair yourself, you may not realize that your hair is porous and will absorb more color.
Fix botched home hair color and other hair color mishaps
Remove unwanted hues
Help restore your hair’s health
Create subtle tonal shifts
Lighten or darken your hair
Return your color to its natural shade
After your color correction service, our staff will be happy to recommend the best products to preserve your new color so that it will remain vibrant, and beautiful long after you leave our salon. Make an appointment at Wild Orchid Salon in Boca Raton FL with our hair color experts today!