Ombre Balayage Color Boca Raton FL

If you've been thinking about a change in your hair color, don't limit yourself to one shade. From ombre color to balayage highlights, the stylists at our hair salon in Boca Raton FL are expert colorists, and are highly trained in newest techniques and up to date on the latest cutting edge trends in the industry. We offer a variety of tones to create intense hair color that will give your hair depth and dimension, and our high quality color lines will achieve amazing color effects. 

Ombre color is the  perfect option for adding life and dimension to your hair. This advanced hair color technique in which the upper portion of the hair is colored a darker color while the tips and lower sections of the hair are colored with a lighter shade that blends into a darker tone at the top. Ombre color is also an excellent option if you are seeking to cover grey. The color covers grey, while the highlights add amazing light and dimension.

Our hair color specialists are highly trained in the balayage highlighting technique. Balayage is a hand painted highlighting technique. A lighter color is artistically "swept" onto the ends of the hair and carried up the strands of hair for a gradual lightening effect that fades into a darker color at the top. This is a perfect option for creating soft dimensions. Our stylists are experts with this technique and use only top of the line hair color formulas to provide beautiful results.

Visit Wild Orchid Hair Salon for the best ombre color and balayage highlights in Boca Raton FL! Make an appointment with one of our hair color experts today!