Boca Raton Hair Color Tips

At Wild Orchid, our talented stylists are dedicated to serving our guests and are happy to share some of our best professional tips to keep your hair color looking fabulous. Whether you have vibrant all over hair color or just a few highlights, these simple tips from our hair color experts, will leave your hair shiny and vibrant long after you leave our hair salon in Boca Raton FL!
Avoid Heat Damage 
Styling your hair with flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers can damage the cuticle and can cause your hair color to become dull over time. It is important to use a heat protectant to prevent discoloration and breakage. When possible, try letting your hair dry naturally.

Limit the Use of Styling Products
Styling products like hair sprays, spritzes, mousses, and gels contain high amounts of alcohol. The alcohol in these products can cause your hair color to fade more quickly. Try limiting the use of styling products so your hair color will last longer and stay more vibrant.
Avoid Using Chlorinated or Hard Water
Shampooing your hair in hard water or chlorinated water can cause your hair color to fade.  Whenever possible, it is best to rinse your hair with fresh water after it’s been submerged in chlorinated water or saltwater. If you are a swimmer, we recommend rinsing your hair in regular water before and after swimming. Our experts recommend trying a good chelating shampoo for regular color maintenance.
Shampoo Less 
The more you are washing, the more your color can fade. Try washing your hair every other day. When you do wash your hair, we recommend using a color safe shampoo and conditioner. A shampoo that is free of sulfates or sodium chloride will slow down the color fading process, protect it against damage and enhance your hair color leaving it looking radiant and beautiful.
Protect Your Hair from the Sun
Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight to help keep your hair color from fading. If you plan on being out for a long period of time, try wearing a hat or a scarf. We also recommend applying a protective conditioner to limit damage from UV rays before going out.
Try a Deep Conditioning Treatment
The chemicals in hair dyes can have a drying effect on your hair. This fabulous treatment can help your hair absorb the hair color and will help to prevent discoloration and fading over time. 
Visit our hair salon in  Boca Raton FL today for the best salon products for color treated hair as well as beautiful hair color!